Ok, so after a (much to long) break from blogging, I decided to give it another go.
As you no doubt already noticed, I’m blogging in English now, this isn’t much more then a functional change.
The reason is simply that I like writing in English more then in Dutch.

So I’v been showing more interest in the whole “get a girlfriend” concept, and so far it’s been verry nice.
Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not practicing how to be a player, I’m actually going for the decent (and hopefully longlasting) relationship.

Exept for the sudden soar in cell phone occupation and its attached costs, everything is going verry smooth so far, but offcourse the intimate details arn’t meant for this page, so don’t get your hopes up.

the interesting trivia I come across during my daily life on the other hand, shall be discussed in some nice colourfull articles.

One such example is my ongoing search for a car, not so much for myself, but for a young female driver. (yes I know, all sorts of alarm sounds go off when hearing that term ^^)
Now the preferences were described to me as follows: “it needs to be a Volkswagen Polo or Golf, the car can’t be to old, needs to have basic options and must be coloured dark grey, black or silver and it has to be cheap”. as you can already guess it has been a rather fruitless search so far.

I think that when I do find such a car, i will have a hard time believing it myself, since the mission seems impossible from the start. On the other hand its for a good cause so I’ll keep going for the time being.

Posted by Fakie - 26/08/09 - 3 comments