I haven’t been too active the last week, however I do have some nice things to show.

For starters, I made 2 more female solo drawings, and I do think both of them are showing nice progress.
Also I now post my pictures using flickr, so no clicking before you can see the drawings.
If you do click the images, you can see the large version on the flickr page.


After drawing girls, the next logical step is to give the male side of life a try, and so the next drawing came into existence.


As you can see I experimented with full black shadow areas, this is a very good technique when drawing manga figures in black and white. Now when colour is added and extra shading, using darker colour, the black areas become less appealing. So that why I edited my previous work and removed the black areas.


Now an adventure is rarely a one-man journey, so I gave the youngster from my previous scribble some friends to set out with.


That’s it for this update, I hope to post some more work soon.

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I have worked with the Wacom Cintiq some hours now, and the results are already showing.

my first full digital drawing still has some proportional flaws, however it was a nice first try.

Drawing 1

Last week I went for a more “mobile” drawing of a ninja, aside from a few slight flaws, the details came out fairly nice:


My last work, is another show of progress, the clothing made it far less easy to get the proportions right, but it turned out just fine in the end.
I hope to be able to get atleast 2 more drawings out in the next few days, but I might also attempt to colour this last one in.


I’ll be back soon with a new update.

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