The last few days, I’ve started on some concept scetching.
I got some nice pointers from the Idrawgirls blog. (witch I would recommend to all who start out at drawing on the pc/mac)

I started by doing the rough “thumbnail” design for 3 female characters.

concept scetching

As you can see, the first scetches aren’t much for detail, and they shouldn’t be.
These are the thumbnails that survived the elimination process, and going more into detail at this stage, just means a loss of time.

After this I started working on the first character, going in for more details:

figure 1concept final scetch

Aside from the detail that was added, I also added a layer with the shadows and light spots, just to establish the light source and to use as a referene later.

After this stage the path for colour was open, so i added the basic colours to the concept (still not sure about the hair color)

figure 1base color

thats it for this update,
remember you can see these drawings in full size, by clicking them and going to all sizes on Flickr.

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