Take a cool picture, a bored designer, some textures and brushes and add photoshop into the mix, and there you go:


It’s not that hard to make, but it looks cool and I had fun while toying around with it, so I’m satisfied.

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Ok last update on this one,
the concept is finished, and I made one giant conclusion : There’s still a long road to travel…

Group concept final

and since I wanted to give it that epic touch, I added a little background.

Group concept styled

for the time being I’ll be toying around with logo’s and photo’s, so it’ll be a week or two before new “art” turns up

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The final character to join the stage in my concept has arrived.
The last addition is a large muscular brute (tho he will most likely receive a fairly gentle character)


Figure 5

Offcourse A brute is just a large man without something heavy to hit with, 2 heavy metal balls on a chain, seemed to do the trick:

Figure 5 Chains

and since I’m known to have a sweet spot for group portraits, I just had to trow it all into a group set:

Group concept

By now it should have become pretty obvious there’s still work left (mostelly since 2 are missing faces),
all I can say is that I’m going to do some touching up on the overall details and faces will be added to go along with the character.
The eyes / other facial treats on the other 2 characters are placeholders anyhow.

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I finished the first character (finished is a big word, I completed the concept, the character is far from finished)

figure 1 final

The second character concept is also done:

Figure 2 final

and same for the third one:

Figure 3 final

So far I have 3 female characters, all I’m missing is their male counterpart to complete the bunch.
I hope to finish that one soon.

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The last few days, I’ve started on some concept scetching.
I got some nice pointers from the Idrawgirls blog. (witch I would recommend to all who start out at drawing on the pc/mac)

I started by doing the rough “thumbnail” design for 3 female characters.

concept scetching

As you can see, the first scetches aren’t much for detail, and they shouldn’t be.
These are the thumbnails that survived the elimination process, and going more into detail at this stage, just means a loss of time.

After this I started working on the first character, going in for more details:

figure 1concept final scetch

Aside from the detail that was added, I also added a layer with the shadows and light spots, just to establish the light source and to use as a referene later.

After this stage the path for colour was open, so i added the basic colours to the concept (still not sure about the hair color)

figure 1base color

thats it for this update,
remember you can see these drawings in full size, by clicking them and going to all sizes on Flickr.

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I haven’t been too active the last week, however I do have some nice things to show.

For starters, I made 2 more female solo drawings, and I do think both of them are showing nice progress.
Also I now post my pictures using flickr, so no clicking before you can see the drawings.
If you do click the images, you can see the large version on the flickr page.


After drawing girls, the next logical step is to give the male side of life a try, and so the next drawing came into existence.


As you can see I experimented with full black shadow areas, this is a very good technique when drawing manga figures in black and white. Now when colour is added and extra shading, using darker colour, the black areas become less appealing. So that why I edited my previous work and removed the black areas.


Now an adventure is rarely a one-man journey, so I gave the youngster from my previous scribble some friends to set out with.


That’s it for this update, I hope to post some more work soon.

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I have worked with the Wacom Cintiq some hours now, and the results are already showing.

my first full digital drawing still has some proportional flaws, however it was a nice first try.

Drawing 1

Last week I went for a more “mobile” drawing of a ninja, aside from a few slight flaws, the details came out fairly nice:


My last work, is another show of progress, the clothing made it far less easy to get the proportions right, but it turned out just fine in the end.
I hope to be able to get atleast 2 more drawings out in the next few days, but I might also attempt to colour this last one in.


I’ll be back soon with a new update.

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When I posted my “attempts at artwork” collection on facebook, I was asked if I felt like designing a logo, by one of our local dj’s (brake failure)

I agreed to try it, not really knowing what I got myself into, especially since I had never really designed a logo before.
I had a streak of luck, the two dj’s had worn a pretty flashy outfit for their last performance, and that gave me a cool idea.

I vector traced an image of a person wearing a similar outfit and added the masks to the mix, the rest is history.
I made 2 versions, one with a green outfit and one with a yellow outfit, the reason for this is fairly simple, the real colour of the outfit was yellow, and the colour of the sweater on most of the pictures turns greenish.

Enjoy the little woks of art here:
green look
Yellow look

And for those liking what they see, Koen.Cooreman@tolteks.be, ask and you might just receive ^^

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Or how I named the photo album containing my artwork.

I always had a huge interest in drawing painting, sadly I never really got deeper into it.
These days at the helpdesk, during calls I scribble anyhow so from time to time I also draw a few lines.
Being a huge fan of the manga and anime scene, I naturally try to draw that style.
Somehow I’m not even doing half bad, considering the fact I haven’t really actively drawn in years, and I never really had someone teach me the basics.
Truth be told I spend a few hours a week looking at YouTube tutorials, and honestly there are some very good ones out there.
And since the manga drawing art hasn’t really become to absorbed by our western society, the Internet is actually the best road to take.

So far I have done some pencil drawings and most of them were “inked” using a black aquarelle pencil, witch really does the charm.
Up till now I have drawn on paper and scanned the image afterwards. This has to do with me being two-handed, yes your heard me right, this is actually a bad thing in my case.
It’s all jolly good fun to be able to write with both hands, however my right hand is useless for drawing, and my hand eye coordination on the computer is non-existent on that same left hand.
So now my most pending task will be to learn to draw from scratch on the computer, because drawing digitally is just so much easier, once you get the hang of it.

These are my first attempts at drawing lately:
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3

I also went on a limb and inked one of my pencil drawings digitally and went as far as colouring the thing.
Pencil version
Digitally inked version
Coloured version

Feel free to comment on my attempts to actually output some of artistic vibes ^^

I hope to add more of my work in the future.

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Ok, so after a (much to long) break from blogging, I decided to give it another go.
As you no doubt already noticed, I’m blogging in English now, this isn’t much more then a functional change.
The reason is simply that I like writing in English more then in Dutch.

So I’v been showing more interest in the whole “get a girlfriend” concept, and so far it’s been verry nice.
Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not practicing how to be a player, I’m actually going for the decent (and hopefully longlasting) relationship.

Exept for the sudden soar in cell phone occupation and its attached costs, everything is going verry smooth so far, but offcourse the intimate details arn’t meant for this page, so don’t get your hopes up.

the interesting trivia I come across during my daily life on the other hand, shall be discussed in some nice colourfull articles.

One such example is my ongoing search for a car, not so much for myself, but for a young female driver. (yes I know, all sorts of alarm sounds go off when hearing that term ^^)
Now the preferences were described to me as follows: “it needs to be a Volkswagen Polo or Golf, the car can’t be to old, needs to have basic options and must be coloured dark grey, black or silver and it has to be cheap”. as you can already guess it has been a rather fruitless search so far.

I think that when I do find such a car, i will have a hard time believing it myself, since the mission seems impossible from the start. On the other hand its for a good cause so I’ll keep going for the time being.

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